Joe Berardi and Kira Vollman

Frannie Garretson, has been cooking since she could hold a spoon, from her family’s kitchen in East Los Angeles to Ohio, Japan, Central America, Spain, and back again. An artist and dancer with a focus on health and the environment, she sees food as a way of drawing connection to beauty, the body, and the community. She is an avid vegetable gardener and has studied indigenous plant medicine, food preservation, and organizes a series of meals based on produce from the South Central Farm Co-op as a way of offering an affordable vegan meal that supports local farmers.

Michael Leach, an adobe construction specialist, created an adobe architectural ensemble at the Pine Manor retreat center and stayed busy since then building traditional native american shelters, bread ovens, outdoor benches and sculptures. He studied earth building with Ianto Evans of Cob Cottage and straw-bale construction with Bob Bolles of Sustainable Earth Enterprises.

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